Titan FP and Titan FPS


The Aerostar® TitanFP and FP-S state-of-the-art 2 V mini-pleat filter is constructed with a high impact plastic frame, steel struts and micro-glass media and synthetic media.  The TitanFP and Titan FP-S can be used in both constant and variable air volume (VAV) systems. The aerodynamic design provides maximum air flow conditions, while providing nearly complete media utilization.

  • Available in a MERV 11, 13, 14 and 15
  • Built-in handle eases transportation and installation
  • Reduced resistance to air flow promotes significant energy savings
  • Plastic frame creates an exceptionally strong yet light weight filter
  • Dual direction media for front or reverse mount installations
  • Rugged filter can be used in harsh applications such as 100% relative humidity, VAV systems and more