About Us

Filtration Group- Indoor Air Quality

Since its predecessor’s founding in 1946, Filtration Group- Indoor Air Quality has long been dedicated to generating clean air. Since then, FG- Indoor Air Quality has experienced tremendous growth organically and through strategic partnerships with Dafco Filtration Group and Waco HVAC. Today, Filtration Group Indoor Air Quality is one of the largest and most advanced filtration manufacturers in the United States and Canada. Our 16 locations including 7 manufacturing plants allow us to best serve our customers from coast to coast. Our vast network of manufacturing, sales, and engineering facilities around North America, FG IAQ is at the industry forefront in filtration solutions for the commercial, residential, healthcare, gas phase/ molecular, cleanroom, biosafety and general HVAC industries.


Our unrelenting pursuit of excellence is driven by a deep-rooted desire to better serve our customers. We invest in the best people, technologies and strategies to grow a truly unique market leader that delivers outstanding customer value.


When our customers have a filtration need, we find an answer. No matter your unique demands, our engineers are always working to provide the best possible solution. We constantly innovate and improve our technology to help make filtration more efficient, effective and environmentally friendly every day.


Our engineers are passionate about filtration and it shows in each of our products and services—from initial design to delivery. That passion translates to a cleaner, greener and healthier world for all of us.

We are committed to providing the highest efficiency, highest performing quality air filtration products and solutions serving a broad range of industries across North America. From our Particulate Air Filter line to our total Cost of Ownership program (TCO), our valued customers benefit from our world leading solutions and expertise. We are committed to making the world safer, healthier, and more productive!

Our Evolution

2020- Filtration Group HVAC, Dafco Filtration Group, and Waco HVAC are now operating together as Filtration Group – Indoor Air Quality.

This internal rebranding creates the most experienced team of air filtration specialists in North America, ultimately serving our customers through the most comprehensive network of facilities in both the United States and Canada.

At FG IAQ, we are always looking and planning ahead for what’s next. Always growing our capabilities.