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Protect Your Staff & Customers

Protecting airport staff and travelers from poor indoor air quality are extremely important given the array of emissions the public encounters while on route to new destinations. Is your ventilation environment optimized for both cost and purification?


IAQ is essential in airports. There has been a 7% increase in airport passengers over the last year and increasing health and safety regulations. Maintaining healthy air in highly populated transportation hubs, both protects passengers and staff from harmful chemicals, bio-particulates and emissions. Carbon filters are extremely affective at removing toxins from the air we breathe. They also offer the best balance of low initial pressure drop, high relative dust holding capacity, and extended service life to optimize HVAC operations without sacrificing on air purity.

Investing in high efficiency filters is an effective way to:  

  • Offset liability costs of unsafe air exposure within your operation.
  • Reduce the overall carbon footprint of the operation.
  • Reduce odor contamination from airport services like restaurants, designated smoking areas, and constant cleaning maintenance.
  • Reduce overall energy consumption.

The Indoor Air Quality Challenge in Airports – Lower your HVAC Costs, Protect your Staff and Customers:

McCarran International Aiport – FG IAQ optimized every cost factor within McCarran’s HVAC maintenance program.

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Carbon filters remove harmful chemicals, bio-particulates and emissions.

We offer a wide range of carbon products, from the Aerostar® Purafilter Series 550 Carbon Pleat for standard applications, to the Aerostar® Purafilter HEGA product line for the most demanding applications.

FP MiniPleat


Purafilter HEGA

Putrafilter Series 550


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