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Innovative Filtration Solutions for Gas Turbine

Most of the operations in North Sea offshore conditions result in corrosion issues in their Gas Turbine. Clean air is essential to a safe, healthy, and productive environment.


Sensor Technology and Air Filtration  Reduce Corrosion Events

At Filtration Group, we constantly innovate and improve our technology to help make the world Safer, Healthier and More Productive. 

Despite recent events related to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are still receiving strong demand from customers who want the sensor installed now. Our services have not been paused, we travel safely following all health guidelines to install the sensor and meet our customer’s demands.

Corrosion Monitor Unit Sensor (CMU)

North America Gas Turbine (NAGT) Filtration Group, has developed a patented sensor with an early warning corrosion indication that allows operators to monitor the levels of corrosion into gas turbine inlet systems. The CMU 4000 Sensor (CMU) is designed to take real time air stream data from before filter (Dirty Side) to post filter (Clean Side) and measure level of corrosion related contaminates using ISA standards showing safe, cautionary, and extreme level indications. 

Corrosion Monitor Unit Sensor

The CMU will also measure temperature, humidity, and dp.  Options include particle counters and system cooling and heating for extreme areas and challenged site worldwide.

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“We, at Cydsa, want to thank our entire work team, especially Filtration Group NAGT for being there with us from the beginning to bring these remarkable filtration solutions”

Edmundo Rodarte, Director Energy – CYDSA.

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Preventative maintenance is the key to an optimized system. You must schedule routine filter change-outs and be prepared with a stocked inventory to prevent costly production downtimes and keep energy consumption low. Contact us for a free on-site survey by one of our filter and inlet air experts.


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