Cleanrooms require the Highest Standards for Air Purification

Critical environments such as laboratories, or pharmaceutical and microelectronic manufacturing are very different, but they have one thing in common – contamination can lead to disastrous effects. Is your filtration system running with optimal efficiency?

Safer, Healthier, and More Productive Cleanrooms

Whether protecting the health of workers and the patients that will use the medicine being produced or protecting the yield of production – cleanroom filters just must work. All of FG IAQ’s HEPA and ULPA cleanroom filters are tested to make sure the claimed performance is met, because they have to.

Filter efficiency aside – minimizing contaminates can also be a function of the cleanroom design. This can include air pickup and exit locations, and the layout of the room and processes therein itself. Trust FG IAQ to help maximize protection and minimize the total cost of ownership. 

Your Experts in Cleanroom Filtration – Cleanroom environments demand the highest in air purification standards. Filtration group offers premium cleanroom products to fit any design- plus the replenishment filters to run them with optimal efficiency.

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Filtration Group IAQ offers premium cleanroom products to fit any design- plus the replenishment filters to run them with optimal efficiency. 

Whether your environment requires an ISO2 or ISO 8, we accommodate the full spectrum of air change-out rates ensuring safety and regulatory compliance.

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