Series 66

Series 66 Panel, Links, Sleeve Roll and Cubes

The Aerostar® Series 66 Orange/White Antimicrobial Panel, Link, and Cube filters incorporate 3 distinct filter layers, permanently heat-sealed around an internal wire frame in a space-saving flat format. The 66 employs an anti-microbial treatment and non-migrating, super-tackifier on final ply. The panel filters are linkable and self-gasketing, friction-fit frames can often eliminate the need for extra mounting hardware. Ideal for Light Commercial and Industrial HVAC applications where added protection from threatening microbial growth is required, or with moderate to high dirt loads.

  • Achieves MERV 9 with a pressure drop of 0.23″ at 300 fpm in panel formation
  • Up to 3x the capacity and service life of other panel filters thanks to superior dust holding of 3 plys
  • Self-gasketing design prevents air by-pass
  • Anti-microbial treatment will prevent microbial growth
  • Can be used as a pre-filter
  • Media is non-allergenic, unaffected by moisture, humidity and most corrosive chemicals
  • Sleeve rolls available without steel frame