HVAC Polyester Rolls and Pads

Polyester Rolls and Pads

The P, PST Series and the OR Series are some of our most popular choices in polyester media. The P and PST Series are traditional multi-denier media designed for general applications. The PST has a non-migrating dry tackifier on downstream side enhances dust retention. Use as an economical pre-filter for longer lasting final filters or for less demanding lower air flow applications.

The OR Series is a premium multi-denier, gradient density media for more demanding applications. A non-migrating heavy dry tackifier on downstream enhances dust retention. This is an alternative to pleat in panels in systems with low air flow.

The EC Overspray Series is for paint overspray applications, while the AVANT Series and more are available for applications where a premium media is required.

A wide variety of media grades, widths, thicknesses, lengths available.  Please contact us for options, specs, performance, sizes etc.

  • Bulk Media Rolls
  • Cut Media Pads
  • Provides extra protection for HVAC coils and equipment
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Mill direct truckload pricing