Site Survey

FG IAQ offers in depth site survey inspections at no charge to help provide customers with the best filtration options tailored to their unique facilities and environments.  Please submit a request so that we can schedule one of our NAFA air filtration specialist to walk through your facility and discuss your indoor air quality requirements.

Our site surveys would review the following. Review current disposal of used HVAC filters:

  • Inspect and document all current filter types, efficiency, size and unit locations.
  • Review current schedule for filter changes.
  • Complete inspection of filter racking for improper use/installation of current HVAC filters.
  • Cleanliness of air handler/inlet and coils.
  • Review and suggest potential for filtration efficiency and energy enhancements.
  • Review for the presence of any harmful contaminants indoors or in the region of the facility.
  • Review current disposal of used HVAC filters.
  • Review findings with customer and provide summary report.

We would look forward to the opportunity of providing you a complementary site survey, so that we can help you have a Safer, Healthier and more Productive Environment as well.