Zero Waste and Volume Reduction Program

Every day, Canadians across the country continue to face many environmental challenges, including climate change, water pollution and preservation of natural resources.

FG IAQ is committed to adopting more environmentally conscious choices; and our goal is to encourage our customers to do the same.

The Zero Waste and Volume Reduction Program is our way to help you reduce your carbon footprint and move our planet towards a sustainable future. The program includes collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste.

Our waste management solution aims to divert more waste from disposal in accordance with environmental regulations. Contaminated filter media is eliminated, cardboard, paper and metal are separated for recycling while all other components are compacted. Through this method, landfill waste is successfully reduced by up to 99%.

Customers are provided with a certificate detailing the amount of cubic feet diverted as a result of the program.

By participating in this program you will be doing your part to help save our precious environment.

*Contact your local sales manager for available services in your province.