Bringing Healthy Environments to Government Employees and the General Public

Many of these facilities offer services in which social distancing will be a challenge and the HVAC systems were certainly not designed with pathogen removal in mind.

Proper selection and installation of filtration technologies can significantly impact these challenging environments.

Air Hygiene Plays a Role in Protecting Employees and Visitors

Air filters remove a range of particle sizes and each time recirculated air passes through a filter, more particles are trapped. When the optimal filter type and efficiency is chosen the HVAC system can dramatically reduce the number of pathogens in the air.

Challenging Areas of Government Buildings

The design of most government offices makes social distancing especially challenging. Although clean air is difficult for individuals to perceive, occupants will feel more at ease knowing that steps have been taken to reduce pathogens from the air.

Waiting Areas

Security check-ins


In addition to reducing pathogens, stand-alone AIR SCRUBBERS serve as a visual cue to occupants that the air is being cleaned.

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