Providing Clean, Fresh, Conditioned Air into Fitness Facilities is Critical 

Indoor air quality in a fitness facility is particularly important because of the proximity of patrons as well as their increased rate of respiration and perspiration. Discover how filters help stop The spread of infectious diseases.


Conditioning the air within fitness centers has shifted focus from temperature and energy regulation— to now being focused on airborne toxicology upon re-opening amid COVID-19. Securing HVAC operations in fitness centers is of particular concern since the primary activities here are intended to benefit cardiovascular health and involve heavy degrees of human respiration.

Fitness activities can propel infectious particulates throughout a workout floor, which then settle on the smooth metal surfaces of communal gym equipment. This drastically increases the chances of viral transmission.

If your facility incorporates a pool or spa, this further increases your indoor air quality challenges by introducing additional humidity and enhanced potential for mold, mildew and airborne contaminants that thrive in humid environments. 

FG IAQ offers advanced airborne precautions. Our MERV 13-16 filters accommodate current HVAC systems, and partnered with portable air purification units, can be placed in high-traffic areas of a gym floor to achieve medical-class hygienic air quality.

Filtration Group IAQ and our partner company Purafil, Inc. have developed solutions for indoor containment and respiratory protection.

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Leading Organizations Agree… 


“provide indoor air quality that will be acceptable to human occupants and is intended to minimize the potential for adverse health effects” – ASHRAE 62.1


“whenever possible to make sure the venue is well ventilated” – Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19


“The general advice is to supply as much outside air as reasonably possible. The key aspect is the amount of fresh air supplied per person.” – COVID-19 Guidance Document, March 2020

Air Hygiene Plays An Important Role In Protecting Customers and Staff from harmful airbornes in Fitness Facilities

By introducing increased levels of fresh outdoor air into the facility stale, potentially pathogen-laden air is exhausted out. By continually changing the air within the fitness facility, you can dramatically reduce the number of pathogens in the air. 

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Stand Alone Solution in Addition to HVAC: Purashield 1000 & Phoenix Guardian Hepa System


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Bringing Healthy Environments to Commercial Buildings

The design of most office buildings makes social distancing especially challenging. Although clean air is difficult for individuals to perceive, occupants will feel more at ease knowing that steps have been taken to reduce pathogens from the air. Air Hygiene plays a Role in Protecting Tenants and Visitors.