FG North America Gas Turbine offers “best in class” filtration and monitoring systems to CYDSA co-generation power plant



Cydsa is a 75 year-old Chemical and Energy Mexican company that runs five business units:

  • Salt for edible and industrial purposes,
  • Chlorine and caustic soda
  • Refrigerant gases
  • Cogeneration of Electricity and Steam
  • Underground Storage of Hydrocarbons


Cydsa launched its co-generation power plant with two gas turbine systems units starting 2014.

“From the initial commissioning in 2014 until 2017 we, at Cydsa, experienced five catastrophic engine failures. We have identified the cause being corrosive gases and industrial contaminants, found in the air of our surrounding environment, and entering into our air inlet system. This led to major damage requiring extraordinary and expensive repairs and engine replacements to keep our power plants running, which also resulted in significant downtime for repairs of both units.

In early 2017, we developed a working team of experts in gas turbine engines, filtration, and independent test groups, to examine the options and enable Cydsa to keep its power plants functioning in this challenging industrial environment”.


“We have reached out to Filtration Group NAGT early 2017 when we were facing significant downtime for repairs for our two main power plants.  Filtration Group immediately got involved and provided a phased solution approach. First, the immediate/temporary solution was to get us operational, second intermediate monitoring systems, and third a permanent/final solution that incorporated all phases. 

The first and temporary phase was to use Filtration Group (FG) PuraGrid carbon filters grid eliminating about 90% plus of contaminants which enable us to get back to a power system uptime of 92-94%.  Along with that, we add a moisture barrier prefilter using FG Drop Safe® technology.  The result, no more failures and brought us valuable time to implement the entire solution. 

The second phase was to include the innovative Corrosion Monitoring Unit (CMU), allowing us to monitor in real-time events we could not see or determine levels of contaminants. Today we have all these systems that are now fully part of our permanent solution.

The CMU today allows our operators to take proactive countermeasures and avoid future damages. Our permanent solution: A new filtration and monitoring systems by Filtration Group NAGT is, I believe, to be “best in its class” today

We, at Cydsa, want to thank our entire work team, especially Filtration Group NAGT for being there with us from the beginning to bring these remarkable filtration solutions”.  Edmundo Rodarte, Director of Energy – CYDSA.