August 2018: Filtration Group-IAQ responds to a state of emergency with filtration solutions



A state of emergency has been declared across British Columbia as more than 550 uncontained wildfires devastate the province. The weather of Summer 2018 played a significant role in the wildfires. Hot, dry, windy conditions combined with thunderstorms to create a disturbing breeding ground for wildfires that spread quickly before many of them were discovered. According to the B.C. Wildfire Service, more than 629,000 hectares (1,554,000 acres) have been devastated by fires this year.

In addition to the obvious hazards of fire, the secondary hazard of smoke blowing across the region creates an immediate health risk for millions of citizens. The smoke has rendered the air quality in part of the Canadian province among the worst in the world. Smoky haze has reached neighboring provinces of Alberta and affected the air quality in parts of Saskatchewan and Winnipeg – areas that are more than 1,200 miles away. Air quality conditions have been measured to be Very Unhealthy to Hazardous.


Particulates below 2.5 microns are known as PM2.5. Because they are so small and light, these particles tend to linger in the air longer than heavier particles and result in more hazardous breathing conditions.  They trigger or worsen chronic diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory problems.

Identifying  the type of air filter to use in critical environments is crucial  in combating unhealthy breathing conditions. There are HEPA-grade air filters and MERV ratings that help consumers navigate the process of improving the indoor air quality. In the case of extreme air quality concerns, relying on filtration experts is critically important.


EFrom Vancouver Island to the Northern and Interiors of B.C., FG IAQ’s team has assisted multiple  healthcare facilities in upgrading their filtration systems to meet the immediate air quality concerns and protect patients in critical environments. . In response to this  emergency, the company’s Calgary-based facility has extended its hours and increased its output to expedite products designed to remove more than 90% of PM2.5. Educating customers that a MERV 13-rated, Green Pleat filter, along with carbon and high efficiency filters  are the best option. FG IAQ is helping to make indoor air quality safer to breathe in dangerous conditions.