FG North America Gas Turbine offers “best in class” filtration and monitoring systems to CYDSA co-generation power plant


INITIAL SITUATION Cydsa is a 75 year-old Chemical and Energy Mexican company that runs five business units: Salt for edible and industrial purposes, Chlorine and caustic soda Refrigerant gases Cogeneration of Electricity and Steam Underground Storage of Hydrocarbons CHALLENGE Cydsa launched its co-generation power plant with two gas turbine systems units starting 2014. “From the […]

August 2018: Filtration Group-IAQ responds to a state of emergency with filtration solutions


INITIAL SITUATION  A state of emergency has been declared across British Columbia as more than 550 uncontained wildfires devastate the province. The weather of Summer 2018 played a significant role in the wildfires. Hot, dry, windy conditions combined with thunderstorms to create a disturbing breeding ground for wildfires that spread quickly before many of them […]

FG IAQ Upgrades Filtration Systems at Landmark Property


INITIAL SITUATION  Oxford Properties Group, a FG IAQ partner, manages the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The landmark retail property was built in 1964 and revolutionized shopping in Ontario. The property has 2,088,463 square feet. There are 9 common entrances, 18 escalators, 26 elevators and 8,000 parking stalls. Photocells positioned adjacent to windows are […]

FG IAQ Provides Valuable Filtration Solution for Medical Centre


INITIAL SITUATION Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important component in health and safety for this large fitness center affiliated with a cardiac surgery hospital in Quebec. With more than 5000 members and over 80 employees, the fitness centre helps patients to improve their habits in order to maintain optimal health and prevent the onset […]

FG IAQ supplies many schools with high quality pleated filters to improve IAQ


INITIAL SITUATION  Schools are some of the most highly used buildings in our society. The average adult inhales the equivalent of 15,000 or more quarts of air each day and children breathe more air relative to their body weight than adults. Therefore, students are more susceptible to getting sick from breathing poor quality air. Most […]