Proven Indoor Air Hygiene Solutions for Government Buildings

Government Facilities

government building waiting room

As the world reopens following the COVID-19 pandemic, government facilities on the local, state, and federal level will face the challenge of providing safe and hygienic environments.

Many of these facilities offer services in which social distancing will be a challenge and the HVAC systems were certainly not designed with pathogen removal in mind. 

Download the brochure and learn how Filtration Group IAQ help to protect government facilities staff and general public:

  • What role play the Air Hygiene in protecting employees and public?
  • What are the challenging Areas of government facilities?
  • Which MERV rated to choose to reduce the Risk of Infection?
  • How Filters Help Stop The Spread of InfectiousDiseases?
  • Checklist: Filtration Group Solutions for Your Application in 4 steps

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