What does it cost to upgrade to MERV 11-15 protective filter efficiencies?

One thing that is commonly accepted about filter efficiencies – increased removal efficiency generally means increased pressure drop across a filter, or an increase in energy consumed. For example, look at the TCO of our Synthetic Rigid Filters at MERV 11, 13 AND 15 when prefiltered by the Series 400 Standard Capacity Pleat.

To combat this common relationship, it’s important to consider different filter designs to balance IAQ and TCO. Moving to INNOVATIVE FILTER DESIGNS that incorporates additional media allows for a higher dust holding capacity and lower initial pressure drop, which reduces your TCO.

High MERV pleated filter cost

For example – look at the example above compared with a Enduropleat/GeoPleat MERV 15 design and a standalone MERV 15 FP V-bank. Both new examples are less expensive on a TCO basis than the MERV 11 Rigid/S400 TCO from above

High MERV Cost - Rigid Cell

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