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Filtration Group- IAQ offers the highest standards in air filtration technology. We manufacture HVAC supply products with total cost of ownership (TCO) built into their designs. Our Aerostar® and Flowstar® product lines contain 4 filtration and HVAC components ⏤prefilters, efficiency filters, gas phase, high purity products.

National HVAC Distributors Look to Aerostar  Air Filters for Green Building Maintenance and  Leed Certification Requirements

We offer advanced air filters that play a key role in optimizing heating and cooling technology for commercial building management. Filtration Group- IAQ solutions improve indoor air quality and offer sustainable building conditions for every climate. 

Aerostar pleated filters are offered in a wide range of MERV efficiency ratings. Each PLEATED AIR FILTER is produced with structural toughness to work in a full range of commercial applications. 

Challenging HVAC conditions our air filter designs accommodate –

  • Extreme rain and snow weather
  • High flow rate applications 
  • Dry high dust environments 
  • Critical containment for healthcare and research safety
  • Critical containment and high-efficiency filtration for high-traffic public buildings
  • Odor removal 
  • Gas-phase filtration 
  • Lead kick-back removal 
  • Biosafety

Our air filter life cycle performs to ASHRAE rating systems to keep indoor air quality performance high. Aerostar pleated filters are developed with a low pressure drop to reduce the overall energy consumption of a building’s HVAC system. Product trials have shown notable energy cost reduction in comparison to many of our industry peers. Dafco Filtration Group is committed to ensuring that facility maintenance plans run at their most energy-efficient and contribute to reduced emissions indoors and outdoors.  

HVAC Supply Company with a Healthy Building Bias 

An HVAC cycle can play a significant role in renewable energy and a building’s carbon footprint. Sustainable HVAC practices offer efficient use of energy, water, and other public resources.  They also filter and ventilate toxic airborne exposures to protect its occupants. 

The type of activities taking place in commercial buildings is key to understanding the real indoor and outdoor environmental risk. Decreasing the risk of smog and urban contamination is very important in Green Building design. 

A New Appreciation for HVAC and Public Health 

Building owners today are growing more attuned to indoor environmental quality. Toxic indoor air conditions can have devastating effects on workplace productivity.  As pathogenic illnesses continue to grow, operations and maintenance have a need to source HVAC supply and protect clean air. Securing the air we breathe is especially important in commercial buildings where people spend 90% of their day.

In recent years we have seen a rise in outbreaks of pathogenic diseases. They have also been more aggressive than ever including the current Pandemic circumstances of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Around the world, many countries have not adapted their airborne precautions to the potential of viral transmissions which make the general public very vulnerable to outbreaks like COVID- 19. In addition to these new pathogens, there has also been a return of diseases that we had previously eliminated. Measles made a returnin a more aggressive form in 2019 reporting 72 infectious cases in Washington state.

Other emerging infectious diseases according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health include Ebola, H1N1 Influenza, and Bird Flu.  

Merv 13 through Merv 16 Air Filter Solutions That Remove More 0.1 – 0.3 Micron Particles from the Air

As airborne viruses continue to affect public health, the adoption of more protective facility standards will emerge on a larger scale. Working in conjunction with personal protective equipment, we are continuing to develop critical air filtration products that optimize containment and protect essential workers from increased exposure.

Considering the dangers of these outbreaks it is anticipated that the demand for airborne precautions will become more rigorous. Aerostar air filtration solutions secure contact points for disease migration like in airports and public transportation hubs that have shown to be environments where pathogenic diseases are easily transmittable.

Filtration Group Can Scale HVAC Supply to Commercial Projects and Customer Needs

Our HVAC products are installed in facilities located across the United States. Filtration experts and distribution partners can provide a building site survey or product needs assessment to suit each type of facility or mechanical system. 

Commercial air conditioning systems are much more complex than simply temperature regulation. While heating and cooling is an essential part of any indoor environment, maintaining healthy buildings requires a concerted effort using high-efficiency filters with suitable MERV ratings to protect people from particulate matter in the air that can cause human health concerns. 

To check stock availability, find spec sheets, place orders, or get a project quote- CONTACT YOUR PROVINCIAL SALES MANAGER

Filtration Group air filters are key HVAC components in businesses like these:

  • Mechanical engineering project management
  • HVAC System maintenance program planning
  • Commercial air conditioning installation services
  • Air filter change scheduling services
  • Heating and air conditioning contractors
  • Building HVAC efficiency site survey providers
  • Cleanrooms and Hospitals 
  • Critical Manufacturing 
  • Biosafety 
  • Hospitality 
  • Wildfire Protection
  • Schools and University Campuses
  • Industrial Buildings 
  • Airports

Our products are developed for optimal performance without compromising air purification. Contact our network of experienced HVAC professionals that solve indoor air quality challenges.