Important Information COVID-19 Updates


Dear Partners,

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, we would like you to know that we are doing everything we can to safeguard our teams. Our workplace is safe, and we are taking all the necessary measures so we can continue to serve you. 

Our materials sourcing team is working with our vendors and currently we don’t have any supply chain issues. We are continuing to work with our vendors on a daily basis and will update partners as we move forward with this evolving COVID-19 challenge.

FG IAQ continues to closely monitor developments regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2020. As the outbreak continues to evolve, we want to share key information with you regarding the virus and precautionary measures to take.

• Symptoms of the virus may range from a common cold to pneumonia. Most sufferers exhibit some form of respiratory ailment including wheezing, coughing and general difficulty breathing, while also suffering from a fever and increased body temperature. The most severe reactions can lead to pneumonia, kidney failure, and acute respiratory syndrome.

•  Employees, customers and vendors whether at home or traveling, are reminded to follow best practices for proper hygiene and good health. Precautionary measures include:

○ Staying home if you exhibit symptoms or feel sick (i.e., not reporting to work)

○ Covering your mouth with your arm when you cough or sneeze

○ Frequently washing your hands with antibacterial soap and using hand sanitizer where washing is not possible or available 

○ Avoiding touching your face, eyes, and mouth with your hands

○ Avoiding close contact with people who are sick

○ Ensuring food is cooked completely

○ Drinking clean water

In this challenging time, we are committing to providing solutions and a continued level of service to help protect those in critical environments, while minimizing the impact on your business. Now, more than ever, we are committed to making the world, safer, healthier and more productive.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries or concerns at 1 800 739-4600


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ASHRAE has developed proactive guidance to help address coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) concerns with respect to the operation and maintenance of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems. CLICK HERE

Conference room Air Filtration

Bringing Healthy Environments to Commercial Buildings

The design of most office buildings makes social distancing especially challenging. Although clean air is difficult for individuals to perceive, occupants will feel more at ease knowing that steps have been taken to reduce pathogens from the air. Air Hygiene plays a Role in Protecting Tenants and Visitors.

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