Total Cost of Ownership in Analysis

The following elements help make up the Total Cost of Ownership of HVAC systems and the filters it uses:

  • Filter Cost
  • Labor Cost (installation and removal of air filters)
  • Energy Cost
  • Waste
  • Maintenance 

Of these elements, Energy uses the most at 81% with Investment and Maintenance coming in second at 18.5%. The high energy costs has a lot to do with what type of filter you are using and what type of resistance to air flow it has. The denser the media of the filter, the higher average pressure drop or Delta P will be, spiking energy costs.  An average Commercial Building uses over 50% of the energy bill related to HVAC System. Using the recommended FG IAQ Air Filter you could lower your overall energy consumption by 20%.

FG IAQ air filters have the longest life with lowest pressure in the industry. This has been proven over and over by preforming on site testing and only using second party ASHREA accredited lavatories. By using the most up to date software in the industry, we can show you the most accurate return on your filter investment.