FG IAQ Helps Auto Body Repair Company Implement Filter Replacement Programs



A well-established, Western Canadian Auto Body Repair company recognized that each of their locations were waiting too late to order replacement filters. Because of this, locations were experiencing higher labor costs and customers were experiencing delays. 

The efficiency of spray booth operations, as well as the quality of the sprayed application, is affected directly by the intake filter and the exhaust or overspray filtration media. The company recognized that without an optimal functioning filtration system, a paint booth can quickly become inefficient.

The company consulted with filtration experts at FG IAQ. They requested a review of their filter requirements and suggestions on how to implement a successful filtration maintenance program for each of their locations. 


The company has multiple locations that encompass a large geographical area. Each location varies in size and some, but not all, specialize in different types of paint applications. It was important that each location was considered for its specific business practices.


The FG IAQ team completed site surveys at every branch throughout Western Canada. Prep stations, air locations, booth intake and exhaust configurations, as well as workflow and scheduling, were all assessed.
For some locations, FG IAQ provided alternative intake filter media to increase efficiencies and airflow consistencies. FG IAQ also helped the company optimize filter life cycles which had an immediate impact on their expenditures. Each branch received a filter inventory and ordering schedule to ensure filters were stocked to prevent downtime.

As a result, the Auto Body Repair company has increased its productivity and each booth maintains a consistent air balance for flawless paint applications. They have reduced their energy consumption with less wear and tear on air handling equipment. Due to the site-specific ordering schedules, accurate quantities of properly-sized filters are shipped just before required change-outs without the need for long-term storage space. Due to the improvements in each of its locations, the company has a consistent and predictable filter budget and has saved money in the process.