FG IAQ Helps Improve Air Quality In Grow House Operation


Dafco Helps Improve Air Quality In Grow House Operation

Discover how FG IAQ Helps Improve Air Quality In Grow House Operation.


Ideal growing environments typically combine high temperatures with high humidity. This means mold and mildew, which hinder plant growth, have the potential to thrive. Recirculated air has the potential to spread spores throughout an entire grow facility. 

Odors produced by some plants can be pungent, which can lead to complaints from surrounding communities. Because these crops produce a wide range of odorous gases, including some that cannot be captured by carbon filtration, odor control is important. 

Throughout Canada, grow house operators are required to change air filters based on time intervals. This Health Canada mandates ensures the health of the plants and to control odors that result from healthy crops. 


A grow house operation located in Ontario was in the midst of a large expansion. They anticipated an increase in volume, including the need for more filters to meet the time interval mandate. 

Their filter supplier had begun to struggle to meet the increasing demand, which was expected to double in one year. The grow facility was experiencing extended lead-times and crucial filters were not arriving on time. The customer needed a more reliable option in order to maintain in production and to successful expand their operation. 


FG IAQ, part of Filtration Group, the fastest growing filtration solutions company in the world, stepped in to help solve the challenge. FG IAQ delivered on its value proposition of quality, service and attention to detail. The company met with the customer and assessed the challenges and helped to predict the need as the facility continued its expansion. Together, they projected the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), so the customer could determine the most economically efficient solution. TCO considers all costs, such as downtime, change outs, energy rates and disposal fees and to make understanding the overall cost easier. 

With world-recognized products including Enduropleats, rigid cells, HEPA and Carbon Pleats, FG IAQ has a solid reputation for delivering quality products on time. Following the assessment, FG IAQ provided a schedule of filter orders and change outs that would be most effective for the customer. 

FG IAQ is now on schedule to provide more than 6,000 filters annually and due to the on-going expansion, the number is expected to double. The customer has a reliable system in place for ordering, receiving and changing out filters and are in compliance with all local mandates and ordinances. 

*FG IAQ products and services are intended to be used only in compliance with activities that are permitted and licensed under all applicable laws and regulations. 

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