FG IAQ Upgrades Filtration Systems at Landmark Property


Commercial Building Air Filtration


Oxford Properties Group, a FG IAQ partner, manages the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The landmark retail property was built in 1964 and revolutionized shopping in Ontario. The property has 2,088,463 square feet. There are 9 common entrances, 18 escalators, 26 elevators and 8,000 parking stalls. Photocells positioned adjacent to windows are connected to the Building Automation System (BAS) to adjust the indoor lighting based on outdoor light levels. 22 million people visit the property each year..


With goals to reduce energy consumption and to optimize Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in the historic property, the Oxford Properties Group committed to a comprehensive clean air excellence plan. The company requires employees to participate in BAS and preventative maintenance training and set targets to reduce energy consumption. Included in the plan to improve IAQ was to ensure its filtration solutions were efficient.


FG IAQ, North America’s leading air filter manufacturer, partnered with the Oxford Properties Group to assess the filtration system. There were numerous filter systems in the expansive property that needed to be upgraded. FG IAQ was able to improve overall IAQ by installing longer-life filters which required less disposal. Upgrading to EnduroPleat filters helped to lower initial pressure drops which reduced energy consumption. The upgrades included MERV-14 filters, Gaskets, Monitoring Devices and Change Records. The Oxford Properties Group took the initiative to further improve IAQ by scheduling and tracking electronically preventative maintenance, monthly monitoring of equipment and system performance and incorporating building intelligence to view historical building consumption patterns and trends. They also committed to using FG IAQ’s landfill diversion program to help preserve natural resources. Energy performance targets were set and achieved.

FG IAQ recognized the ongoing commitment to IAQ and nominated the Oxford Properties Group for consideration for the National Air Filtration Association’s (NAFA) Clean Air Award. The award is presented to building owners and managers who take steps to significantly improve IAQ by increasing the level or efficiency of their HVAC air filtration systems. In August of 2018, the Oxford Properties Group received the prestigious
NAFA Clean Air Award.