DIFF – R1 Panel

  • High Efficiency
    • Prevents smaller particles from entering the booth
  • Non-Migrating Media
    • Fiber free environment
  • High Temperature Resistance to 212°F
    • Worry free operation
  • Gradient Density
    • Balances high efficiency and extended life
  • Self Sealing Panel
    • Eliminates air by-pass

The Diff-R1 Panel is specifically designed and engineered to obtain the highest possible level of performance from all Cross and Down draft type spray painting booths. The air entering media is a dry synthetic pad designed to capture larger particulate. The final stage media is a selection of high performance fibers in a multilayering technique to balance high 10 micron efficiency with long service life. A non-migrating adhesive is applied to prevent particles from unloading once captured. The media is heat sealed around a wire grid for support.